Kansas Star Development

Mulvane, Sumner County, Kansas

  • Client:
     City of Mulvane
  • Project Type: Water & Wastewater System Improvements

About this Project

When the State of Kansas approved the developer’s application to locate the Kansas Star Casino in the City of Mulvane, the City was faced with a number of unique challenges. The most fundamental to the development plan was serving the $300 million development with City water. As the City entered the second year of drought and with demand for water growing; the City initiated comprehensive water studies to examine both the immediate need for water service to Kansas Star, and the long-term prospects for additional water supply, storage, and treatment for the City.

YOUNG & ASSOCIATES, PA provided design plan review, project management, and construction oversight for over $4 million of municipal water system improvements, including 20,000 feet of 16-inch water pipeline. Directional drilling, tunneling, and other special construction techniques were employed to both expedite construction and minimize the impact of construction on the environment. Site conditions provided additional challenges, including crossing two major streams, coordinating work along two major highways (K-53 and US-81), the Kansas Turnpike, and a number of residential, commercial, and agricultural properties. With over 30-miles of water distribution design and construction experience; Y&A engineers and technicians stay in tune with the latest pipeline technologies to ensure the best construction value and long-term performance for your water project.

Y&A staff dedicated the necessary professional and technical engineering resources to ensure the City could meet their immediate and future water system challenges. Y&A designers examined the City’s primary and secondary water supply options, concluding in recommendations to construct a 1.5 MGD reverse osmosis and greensand filtration plant to treat the City’s permitted groundwater supply; and construction of a 500,000 gallon elevated water storage tank.

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