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YOUNG & ASSOCIATES, PA engineers have designed a number of successful street and storm drainage projects throughout the Wichita-Sedgwick County Metropolitan area. The design work performed for Songbird Street was perhaps one of the most successful projects in terms of its overall positive impact on an existing neighborhood development. Y&A designers carefully examined existing grades and drainage patterns to find the most efficient arrangement of storm sewers and pavement grades. The resulting construction provided seamless integration of new street grades to existing building sites and improved both the drainage capacity of the street and flood protection for downstream residential structures.
Earthwork and grading design is performed using three-dimensional terrain models created in AutoCAD Civil 3D™. Survey point files are downloaded directly from our field data collectors into the CAD environment were technicians can automate both existing and proposed surface models. Alternative surface grades can be easily checked to determine the best use of on-site materials and minimize earthwork costs. The combination of electronic field data collectors and integrated civil design software results in street and drainage designs that are easily adaptable to the existing site conditions and are economical to construct.
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